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If the replacement occurs in three years, how much will be in the investment account in which the company set aside the money? Assume a 12% annual rate of return is obtained, compounded quarterly 2000 payday loan

Wheeling-Pittsburgh Steel is investigating whether to replace part of its boiler oxygenation equipment now or to postpone the decision. The subsequent cost (for example, three years later) is estimated at $ 1,700,000. How much can the company spend today if its minimum attractive rate of return is 1.5% per month?

How much can Wells Fargo lend to a developer who would repay him by selling six lots for $ 190,000 every two years after today? Suppose the bank makes loans at a nominal rate of 14% per year, compounded semi-annually.

How much will be in a high-yield account at the National Bank of Arizona 12 years from today if $ 5,000 is deposited now and then $ 7,000 five years from now? The account pays an interest rate of 8% per year, compounded quarterly.

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